You (our blog readers) must be quite used to seeing a lot of before and progress pictures of our projects. If you were wondering what our completed projects look like, and want one place to go see them, we now have it ! Boston Green Building has its own Houzz page now, where we showcase pictures of our completed projects.

We always tell our clients to take pictures of styles and designs that they see and like; or mark pages in design magazines to create an “ideabook” of the aesthetic that they want in their house. Houzz allows you to do just that, at the comfort of your own home, on your own laptop or ipad.

You can scroll through thousands of images from all over the world that have been tagged with styles and themes. You can create your own virtual “ideabook(s)” with these images. As an added bonus, you can contact the person who uploaded the image to answer your question !

Pretty neat, isn’t it ?

Here’s a snapshot of what the BGB page looks like.  Clicking on the “Featured on Houzz” button at the top should take you directly to our page. Please take a look and leave us a line.


We will update our Houzz page to add new projects that are being completed, so don’t forget to check back often !

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