The last we posted about this project, we had just started rough framing. A lot has happened since.

Rough framing has been completed over the 2 floors. One of the biggest challenges was delivery and installation of the (7) 8”x8”x 22’ Hemlock beams. We needed collier-ties to hold the structure together once we removed the existing attic space. The ties, that you can see in the renderings and images below, will be stay exposed and be an aesthetic component in the space.  There will be 3 additional beams in the first floor above openings into the kitchen (future dining room) and above the mantel in the living room.

All electrical, plumbing and High efficent HVAC system have been roughed in.

Electrical Highlights:
We used all air-tight receptacle and switch housing as well as IC (Insulation Contact) Rated recessed cans. This helps reduce air-leakage through the envelope.

Plumbing Highlights:
We used an assortment of  PVC for drains ; copper and PEX for domestic hot and cold supplies. The 2 showers will not have copper pans or rubber membranes installed, but a water-proofing system by Wedi (or similar).

HVAC Highlights:
We have selected a Unico high-volocity hydro-air system to ensure that there is constant ventilation of the conditioned air in the house.  You can see the trunk with all the individual ducts in adjacent picture.  This system is best when you have limited room to run ductwork and can not compromise on space and design with soffits.

We have also decided to use a Triangle Tube boiler system for domestic hot water and the hydro-loop for heating. This is a change from the 95% Buderus that we regularly use. The incentive package have a threshold of 96%; and we needed to find a more affordable boiler that qualified for the Gas Networks rebate.

Window Restoration & Deleading:
All the historic windows in the house have been removed for de-leading and restoration by Olde Bostonian out of Dorchester. They will restore the glazing and any broken glass as well as dip/strip and paint before the windows return to the site. The 2 kitchen windows are new Marvin Architectural Series. All doors will be de-leaded by Certified De-leader : Alpine Environmental from Chelmsford, MA.

This last picture shows one of the coolest spaces in the house. This will be the loft in the kids room. This is the only area we kept with single height ceilings. It only compromises the ceiling height in 3 closets to create a nice little loft for the kids.

Anderson Insulators will be on site any day to install all the Open and Closed Cell foam. Plaster will start next week.

One thought on “Cambridge Renovation Update III

  1. I’ve always enjoyed seeing construction projects completed from start to finish. What’s wonderful is the green aspect of the entire project. I love seeing the photos and how the transformation is taking place. Thanks for sharing!

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