I visited Architectural Openings with a client and their architect last week. As always, I was impressed with the range of what they can make and their superlative craftsmanship. Their products are not only aesthetic but also high performing, no matter how large or complex the opening geometry is.

The top picture shows 2 10′ x 10′ sliding doors, and the image below is a curtain wall with sliders; made of mahogany.

Using locally made products that have been crafted to promote efficiency and health is one of the easier steps towards leading a sustainable lifestyle, and the focus of architectural openings is just that.
They are located just behind the Super Stop and Shop in Somerville and can be seen from 93 if you look for them. They create nominal sizes and shapes along with custom designed windows and doors. Their base window model is a Tilt n Turn window; a window type that  can be opened “tilted” to open like a hopper window for ventilation or opened fully like a casement.

The guys at Architectural openings can craft any style of fenestration you want, and have a wide selection of materials and finishes stored and finished in house.
Check out this little gem in our backyard.  Chances are, you’ll talk to the very person who is going to make your window.

We will be working with Architectural Openings on a project starting next month  in Bay Village.  It will consist of a store front, 9’ folding door system and rear curtain wall with tilt-n-turn units.



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