Here are the previous updates about this project.

Our 4-month deadline is less than a month away. Floor finishes are being completed while the space now looks transformed with paint, flooring and cabinetry in.

A couple of details in this house are unique :
We installed Tyvek house wrap over the sub-floor as an air-sealing technique. We wrapped the Tyvek  up the wall (where it will be covered by the baseboard) and sealed it to the plaster using a bead of sealant.

We also re-nailed the entire existing sub-floor with ring-shank nails to prevent the floors from squeaking . We also have a rule of thumb when installing flooring to keep seams a  foot away from another. Meaning, if you have a “butt” of two pieces of flooring  and you put the heel of your shoe at it, you should be able to spin 360 degrees without intersecting another seam. It gives the look of old floors and eliminates a stair affect with seams every 6”. 


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