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We started a new DER in Waltham last week, this is one of the last few that signed up with National Grid before the Deep Energy Retrofit 2012 program expired in in March.  (We are still waiting for details about the 2013 pilot from the utility) This is a very exciting project where we have had the opportunity to innovate and improvise on details involving air tightness and finish elements. In addition to the regular site prep and demo which is the normal way we begin a project; we did a window mock-up on site. The clients have chosen the option of installing Schuco tilt and turn windows on the project and this presented us with an excellent opportunity to illustrate the proper air-sealing and window installation techniques adapting very closely to German window installation details.

Notice the custom extruded metal window pans and end caps.  This is a premium system that really makes the installation bullet-proof, and ensure a long service life to this premium window and the wall assembly.

Here are some images of a fully installed tilt and turn at one of our other DERs. It is exciting to have the opportunity to execute German window installation techniques on all the windows in the project !




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