https://i2.wp.com/www.epa.gov/lead/images/renovaterightcover1.jpgThis entry deals with the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” for the subject of lead paint.   The EPA’s RRP (Renovate, Repair and Paint) law,  was passed on April 22, 2008, and went into vigorous enforcement on April 22, 2010.   The stakes are high for violators:  a $37,000 fine for not complying with the law.  But the stakes are much higher for our children: lead is very harmful, and it”s finally being taken seriously.   In the past, if a surface was not confirmed to contain lead by a licensed lead inspector (who are obliged to report their findings), then it typically was assumed to contain none, even if it was a safe bet that it did or worse, even if someone knew that it did, but chose to ignore/deny it.  Now that we’re fully aware of the harmful effect of lead, especially on children, the law has finally caught up with “Don’t ask – Don’t tell” and put an end to it.  All contractors should now assume that a house built before 1978 has lead paint and take all the necessary precautions, unless a full lead report from a licensed inspector has shown otherwise.  When comparing bids for your project, be sure to ask pointed questions about the bidder’s Lead Safe plans for compliance.  Learn more about the effects of lead on kids here:  http://www.epa.gov/lead/

One thought on “Lead Paint: RRP

  1. I compliment you on your effort to inform the public. The RRP rules are being over looked by so many municipalities in so many parts of the country. We are hearing complaints from so many certified contractors from parts of Kansas, Tampa, Florida, and even as far West as Boise, Idaho as you can see here http://levcobuilders.com/rrp-revisited-2012/
    Several certifiied contractors have been told by their local municipalities that the RRP Rules are between them and the EPA.
    In some cases they have been asked to stand down and not talk about the EPA Lead safe Rules.


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