Here’s what we last blogged about this project.
A lot has happened since then. The windows that were restored by Olde Bostonian have been installed, and trimmed out on the first floor. We will begin to do the trim on the second floor this week. The ceilings are being finished, and the space is beginning to have the structure that the architect’s initial renderings had. Interior trim, electrical finishes, flooring and tile install are scheduled to begin this week.

In a major renovation like this one the City of Cambridge mandates compliance with the stretch Energy code, which is an addendum to the existing MA building code that cities can choose to adopt. This recommends more stringent energy efficiency measures in terms of windows, air sealing and insulation ; thereby making a larger city initiative to reduce energy use.

The portion of the picture below, where the drywall has not yet been installed shows some of the closed cell spray foam insulation that is in the walls. Closed cell spray foam or Icynene, which provides R6.5 per inch. Although it is not as “green” as cellulose, we do use it selectively to benefit from its superior insulation and air sealing properties.

A new exciting development in this project is an addition at the back. The city of Cambridge has granted a variance to add a dining space off the kitchen at the back; directly behind the space you see in the above picture. We will be beginning work on that shortly. More on that in the next updates !

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