Here’s a quick recap of this project .
We are making steady progress on this project with the addition and DER work.
We have finished the foundation for the addition and the exterior insulation and air sealing work is underway.

This picture illustrates the components of an exterior DER wall.  We strip the exterior down to the sheathing and wrap the entire envelope with a layer of housewrap. (You can see a little bit of the exterior board sheathing peeking out from below the housewrap).

The housewrap also wraps around the existing window jambs (before the new windows are installed) to form a continuous air barrier.
The roof gets a layer of Grace Ice and Water  wrap.

We then go on to install 4” of rigid insulation on the exterior; with the last layer being foil-faced, to form an exterior vapor barrier. On this project, we used 3” paper-faced  with 1” foil faced polyiso on the exterior.

Window installation and siding is the next step ; but that is a story for another time !


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