This renovation project in Cambridge has been a unique experience in understanding and working with salvaged material. The clients had a vision of using salvaged material wherever possible in their home and we have enjoyed working with them and Stack Design Build in realizing their dream.

The focus of this blog post is to take a look at all the repurposed elements in this project. Careful thought, selection and execution breathe new life into old building components and upcycle them, extending their life span.

Jon Taylor used the pine preserved in the attic was demolished to make vanities for the bathrooms. The closet doors are also made of the existing wood in the house. 

Reused pine also makes an appearance in the flooring, first floor beams, fireplace mantle and kitchen shelves. All the wood for these came from a home in Southern New Hampshire.






The flooring material is actually old beams that have been cut into strips, by Nor-East Architectural Antiques. They have been finished with 5 coats of Bona Naturale water-based sealant. The water-based finish is thinner and greener and has lower sheen than the oil-based finish, thereby allowing the natural texture of the wood to show through the layers.

The natural wood accents contrasting with the clean lines and subdued color palette combined lit by the sun pouring in through the windows and skylights make for a special aesthetic, one we like to call rustic modern !


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