Our newest project is a “headhouse” addition in the historically significant Bay Village neighborhood of Boston. We are creating super-insulated office space and exterior decks on the roof of an existing rowhouse in the neighborhood.

The Bay Village neighborhood is one of the smallest and most historic in the city, lodged between Boston’s downtown, Back Bay and South End neighborhoods. Created in the 1820s by landfill; the craftspeople who built the Beacon Hill residences built their own homes and settled in this area. In more recent times, this neighborhood housed the fledgling newsreel production industry in the 1920s and 1930s . The buildings in this area were built like fortresses to accommodate the weight of the metal tins containing newsreel and minimize the risk of fire.

The neighborhood was declared historic in 1983, with an ordinance to get all exterior alterations approved by a Historic District Commission.


Architect Derick Snare of Snare & Snare Architects designed a sleek addition to the rooftop to be in compliance with this ordinance. Taking advantage of the narrow street and steep sight lines; the built space is far enough back that it is invisible from the street. The large high-performance custom windows that are being fabricated by Architectural Openings will capture the great views of the city skyline.


Rough framing for the addition is complete, with the electricals and plumbing being roughed in. Insulation and a standing seam metal roof installation are on the agenda for the next couple of weeks.

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