We’ve just gotten underway with a comprehensive renovation project in Cambridge. When we visited the house during walk-throughs while bidding, we realized that the foundation was failing in many places.


We therefore proposed to raise the house and replace the entire foundation.

Raising this house was a challenging process, given the tight space and the existing condition of the house.  

We first finished all the interior demolition and removed the existing asbestos siding on the building. We then demolished the concrete slab in the basement and dug pits for the cribbing stacks to sit on. We also added new joist hangers and sistered and shored several floor joists to ensure structural stability. Steel beams were slid under the house from front to back, and high-powered hydraulic jacks slowly raised the structure about 3′ off it’s foundation, permitting demolition crews and equipment to pass under the structure.


Next steps : The entire existing foundation wall is demolished to make way for a new insulated, poured concrete foundation with modern drainage systems for the house. We will then set the house down, remove the cribbing stacks and pour a new insulated basement slab before starting framing for new interior partitions.  This is a great opportunity to save a little piece of Cambridge’s historical past.  The home gets a new lease on life, while providing thermal comfort that is better than a code-built new-construction home….!


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