Representing PHNE at NYPH…! Declan Keefe and I enjoyed a day down in NYC, representing New England Passive House, to check out what New York’s Passive House scene has been up to, and the folks down there did not disappoint…!

On tap were excellent presentations from architects, developers and builders.  Most presentations were about specific projects.  Others focused on financing PH projects, and promoting awareness of PH.  Closing remarks from the panel of presenters included a consensus that we need to do more to promote PH.

Architect Chris Benedict’s firm has a large PH project well under way in Brooklyn that will have 24 units, and 30,000 SF of living area…!  http://ny.curbed.com/archives/2012/08/09/brooklyn_getting_two_more_passive_house_apartment_buildings.php   

Tim McDonald presented on his projects in Philly.  A 3 unit development recently completed, and a new neighborhood scale, mixed use PH development:


Declan and I toured a handful of cool PH projects recently completed in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn:


Some projects were retrofitted in a way that is barely perceptible from the outside. One, going so far as to cleverly integrate the original stained glass windows directly behind the high performance windows.  The look of double hung sashes is captured with an innovated tilt/turn lower sash, offering high performance and historical look and feel.

Other projects not subject to historical regulations were more bold and edgy with a very cool look, like this one: Passive House consulting & mechanical design by ZeroEnergy Design


All these projects are executed with great care and passion by the builders and designers who are pointing the way forward for our industry.


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